Refresh & Reflect Art Sessions

What is R&R Sessions

In the black communtiy mental health and togetherness can sometimes be hard to find. One a smaller scale we deal with so much in a day. Our expirience is so different than t no those around us. From seeing brothers murdered on camera, disrespect in the workspace, lack of freedom and direction, to the deep rooted traumas in our dna from mistreatment of our ancestors around the world. We need spaces to clear our mind, quiet spaces we can reflect on ourselves, our powers. A space we can create using the emotions we would normally surpress. Dive deep into our spirit and use that discovery to use accountability & acknowledgment to them heal from those traumas. 

 I’m beginning the journey to providing this intimate space to connect, reflect, and refresh. An intimate paint & sip experience designed to make you comfortable enough to open up and relieve what’s been hurting you or hindering you. A space to breathe.

My goal is to provide the same comfort that art has proved me for a long time. Battling depression on and off crating gave me a way to express things I couldn’t put into words. It allowed me to face that fear & look my issues in the eye. i love my community and always trying to find where i fit in and how I can contribute. This is a project that’s personal, every session. I want to heal myself as well as the strong enduring black men and women around me. Let’s write our own history, how we feel. Created for us, by us.

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All inclusive intimate expirience. Your $35 ticket includes, supplies, food & drink! Let’s heal together!


Clarity Within The Ashes Of The Midnight Hour


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Keya Kat’s debut illustration work! Writen by, the multi-talented Rashad Kennedy, who aside from being a poet and published author, he also is a singer, and songwriter. This book takes you on a poetic journey through the ups and downs of life and love as a black man. A very good read, and guaranteed to hold your attention start to finish. Purchase your copy today!

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