About Keya Kat Arts & Crafts

Who am I?

My name is Keya, a black mother of two, balancing sanity, spirit, family, my passion and many more other elements of life. I often am overwhelmed with the waves of emotions that come and go along with a heavy plate.

      Art has always been a passion of mine. Since the age of six I’ve taken a liking to painting and drawing. As I grew I wanted t beat the odds and make a living off of what I loved.  That worked for a while but over the years I lost sight of why I create... it is an outlet for my emotions and has helped me process my thoughts and who I am, wanted to be. As I’ve grown into being a mother my passion and emotions run much deeper. my art connects myself to my community.

What Am I Trying To Accomplish?

I feel it is important to support my people. Affirm and encourage posotive behavior. Currently I use my art to show vulnerability and emotion in my work to bust open  the door to black expression and healing of both black men and women. To open the floor to express and feel our triumphs, struggles, wisdom, and all else that  lies within our spirit. 

I see the future of KeyaKat Arts & Crafts as a newtowrk of expressive black visual artists. A platform where we can show work, For us, by us. From there I’d like to manage various artists, while seeking & creating spaces for them to shine. 

What Makes Me Different

Everyday I’m bombarded with art that doesn’t feel. It doesn’t move, it’s still, stagnant, flat. With Keya Kat Arts & Crafts I put emotion at the For front of the art. What feeling are you trying to get across, what do you want this pieces to say? What does this image mean to you? 

I’m creating pieces to help us feel and reflect! 

When end I create work for a client everything is approved  step by step, it is all on an individual basis to ensure the outcome is a reflection of the clients visions. I could tell you about it, but why ramble on about great service when you can try it for yourself!