Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the typical turnaround time for my  project?

Because Keya Kat Art takes value in quality thoughtful work, the typical turnaround time for any custom work is 2 - 4 weeks. The turnaround time for ready made orders is 1- 3 weeks. There is always an option to speed up processing if you need something quicker but there are no guarantees.

2. Why do orders take so long?

All custom orders are handmade and made to order by a stay at home mother of two. So to ensure each custom project gets its proper attention, sometimes it may seem like they're taking long time but really, they're just getting a little extra love and attention. 


3.Can i expedite my order?

In a hurry? Yes, you can speed up a project. Starting at $25, the additional fee to expedite and order varies  based on the labor of the project.

4. Can I create a payment plan?

Yes, see the section about payment plans below...

5. Can i customize this?

Yes, everything is customizable to an extent. To prevent clouding  the artist's style by the amount of customizations, certain changes are restricted. Every order will have options to make the piece uniquely yours. 

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Payment Plan information

Inquiry & quote fee

Due to the high amount of inquiries, a fee is implemented to ensure customers take the time to review the information already given, and are serious about what they want to inquire on. Much of the information for custom projects can be found on keyakat.com. To talk about details on a project, there will be a $10 fee. This fee is non-refundable (as many of the others) but will be counted toward your total if you chose to follow through with your project. 

Fee Breakdown

Artist Fee: What the artist pays themselves

Material Fee: The Cost of materials

Labor Fee: Working fee dependent on project complexity

Booking Fee: Save the date, Covers travel.

Inquiry Fee: $10 to discuss details with the artist.

Payment plan a : illustration &

Artist & Material Fees - Due with signing

50% remainder due after sketch approval

50% remainder due prior to final looks

Payment Plan B : Booking

Booking Fee - Due with signing 

Material Fee - With signing up to 1 week after

50% remainder  - 2 Weeks after signing

50% remainder- 1 Week prior to booking date

PayMent Plan C : Jewelry & Resin Crafts

Sample Fee - Due with signing

Labor & Material Fee - Due after sample

Remainder due prior to finish

need more time?

Each custom order payment plan is open for 3 months. If you feel like you cannot reach final payment in this time please discus this with the artist prior to signing the contract. 

When you request a contract, you have 1 week to sign. Once you sign the contract, first payment is due within 24 hours or your inquiry will be thrown out. If your inquiry is thrown out, your next custom order inquiry fee will double.


Keya Kat Arts & Crafts reserves the right to deny a project based on what Keya is comfortable with


This may include, but not limited to:

• religious icons, imagery, symbolism, and events

• gay or homosexual acts & depictions 

• sexually explicit acts & depictions 

• inappropriate profanity 

• female or male genitalia or private parts 

• satanic or overly dark themes 

• magic, sorcery, spells, witches, necromacers etc

• Idols or celebrity fan art