R&R Sessions #1

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About the R&R Expirience


Reflect & Refresh

Reflect & Refresh sessions are designed to give you the time, space & tools you need to recouperate . Dive deep into your inner machinations as you use them to create pieces that bring your spirit to the forefront. Self reflection and adjustments are necessary for healing; I’m using my talent to bring regrowth to all of us!  Let’s heal together 


These paint & sip sessions are held in intimate spaces such as my home or quiet parks .  These sessions reflect my personal desire for connectedness and peace of mind. Seeking comfort with my community and providing the same in return. Small spaces facilitate a warmer, closer, atmosphere, allowing others and myself to feel comfortable enough to let our guard down for a few hours, relax the tension we carry daily.


Now that you’ve got a taste of what’s to be expected, let’s talk about what we’ll be doing.

  • Welcome / Introduction 
  • Ice Breakers 
  • Food & Drink 
  • Mingle 
  • Paint  
  • Debriefing 

any questions, requests, allergies, let me know in the contact section!

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R&R Sessions #2 Lets Talk Black Love

What is the goal?

Last R&R Session we did a basic reflection. Looking inward to begin the curiosity for who we are. We analyzed how we perceive ourselves as well as how we put on for the outside world. We asked and answered questions about where we feel we are on our different paths. 

Our upcoming sessions is focused on our romantic relationships and how we view & treat each other. The relationship between the black man and black woman is strained and weak in 2019, and nearing non existence . By this time we’ve spewed so much hate toward each other, we can’t deal with each other let alone heal each other the way we were made to do. We claim we are both incompetent of love and affection when in reality that’s what both sides are ‘fighting’ for. 

Most of us have neglected the truth for what is complimenting and comfortable. We’ve placed ourselves in a predicament that separates us from the only other person who can completely understand us. The truth is that we both are at fault & we both have a lot of accountability to attend to. Black women have behaved embarrassingly and betrayed black men by constantly berating him on what he cannot do, failing to look at ourselves and what we cannot and have not done. Black men have clung to excuses on why they are where they are, they have lost a hold on the black women, they‘ve failed to guide and teach her. In addition, he has lost his place in the household, he no longer cares about his health, his mind, his programming, his natural instinct, his home, his VALUES, and importantly, his women. The black man has given up the fight.* Both have been manipulated by television programming, music, and white outsiders to be something that disgustingly resembles that of the living dead. No longer caring about roles and morals/values. All both side care about is easy money, being accepted, looking good, and being able to hurt/murder each other without remorse. 


This session is bringing accountability to the people. We need to work on ourselves and reclaim the royalty we once were. This doesn’t happen overnight but over generations. How can we help our grandchildren to be better if we don’t start now, with ourselves, and our children. I’m seeking to change our perspective on how the world is trying to manipulate and knock us off our thrones year after year, decade after decade. This session will discuss : 

  • Past perspectives shaping current reality
  • Outside perspectives shaping our reality
  • Shortcomings we can change in ourselves
  • How we can build up our partners 
  • How we can build up ourselves 
  • How can move forward from painful relationship traumas 
  • Anything else that comes up 

I want this to be an open discussion among our people on how we can take responsibility for what we’ve done to destroy our home and push to revitalize our nation. Rebuild what so many other nations have tried to take away. There’s power in self preservation and seeing your bloodline take on your face & name. Some people believe in reincarnation, not realizing to birth a copy of ourselves is reincarnation, to birth someone that has your face, your name, your dna. We are given second and third chances to get it right. Will you be the change your ancestors and relatives hope to see in your family or will you stray and abandon the task handed to you? 

*This is not bashing of either sex/gender. This is an observation. Holding each side accountable, rather than complementary lies. If these things offend you, you are not ready for healing and I do not suggest this class. Accountability Responsibility Honesty Change Growth are the core of these sessions. 

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You owe it to yourself to be better than you were yesterday! So start here. R&R sessions provide space to talk and examine our inner workings to better assess what we can change to grow, so join me. Let’s heal together! 

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